"Having had decades of experience in radio, marketing, authoring books, blogs, mentoring and the opportunity to create and launch products, services, and brands into well-known business ventures, Lisa is excited to manage the creative media and marketing for Happy Lifestyle Online.
The platform of Happy Lifestyle Online’s community, blog, social media, and live show encompasses a variety of visions based on continued research and experiences. Lisa believes that a well balanced happy lifestyle incorporates “The 5 Hats”: 1. Family, 2. Friendship, 3. Business, 4. Connection, 5. Adventure! We enjoy living by example through the great experiences our team and community members offer.
Lisa enjoys outdoor adventures such as hiking, backpacking, jogging at the beach, yoga, bike riding, and is new to skiing. She enjoys interviewing and writing about all the great finds she comes across and shares them often in her social media feed: Instagram.com/LisaCaprelli”

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